Relationship Coaching – For Women

Frustrated by the current world of dating? Looking to be more active socially? Searching for the right person to fit your life and needs? Barbara can help get your love life sorted out, release the baggage that is holding you back, and find the love you deserve. Consider one-on-one relationship coaching with Barbara:

  • young-women-drinking-coffee-healthDating advice and coaching
  • Sorting through the available men
  • Getting on the right path
  • Optimizing your online dating profile
  • Pre-marriage counseling
  • Practical relationship advice
  • Determining the value/long-term viability of your current relationship

One-on-One relationship coaching: $200/hour

Can be as simple as coffee, lunch, etc.
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Group Luncheons and Girls Nights Out

Put together a laugh-till-you-cry and learn a lot luncheon or coffee break for you and your friends. Group sessions with Barbara can be a great way to blow off some steam, tell some great stories, and get your relationship issues sorted out.

  • GirlsNightOut2Tricks to navigating the dating world
  • Concentrating on the tools that work, ditch the ones that don’t
  • How to create realistic expectations – for yourself, for them
  • Identifying suitors with real potential QUICKLY

Group evenings or lunches starting at $300

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