Meet Barbara

A wealth of relationship experience and a no-nonsense approach. She's one-of-a-kind!

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Matchmaking Success!

Barbara has matched over 300 couples into marriage. Could you be next?

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Lacking that Spark?

Learn from Barbara how to create a hot relationship and keep it!

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Best Girls Night EVER!

Gather your girlfriends for an evening with Barbara, learning and laughing. You won't forget it!

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Happy Forever?

Barbara works with couples to keep the romance alive and their relationships exciting as they move forward together!

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Finding Your Match

Barbara believes there’s always someone for everyone. Sometimes finding that person is the trick…

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Next! Is a Best Seller!

...AND a 2016-17 San Diego Book Awards Finalist!
Next! focuses on taking the next step, making the next choice, and finding the next love interest. It’s all about getting unstuck and moving forward with your romantic life. Book Signings & Events >>

Relationship Coaching

Barbara has been providing relationship coaching and pre-marital counseling since 1989. She has helped couples in all stages of their relationships to work through problems and make changes.


Over the course of her career, Barbara has matched over 300 couples into marriage. She works exclusively with male clients in the San Diego area to find their dream woman.

Speaking Engagements

Barbara addresses women’s fears of dating and the reasons why people stay in long-term marriages that have been miserable for years. She empowers women to break through their negativity and fears.

I’ve always been active and successful, but had no one to share my life with. But now, because of Barbara, I have found the person I want to share it all with.

- Dr. Michael D.